A piece of communicative copy is always prepared with a particular aim in mind – to provide or obtain information, or to attract new business, for example. And the quality of your copy has a major influence on how successful you are in achieving this aim – especially where written communication is concerned. We all know from personal experience that some copy is easy to read, and some isn't. The readability of a passage of text is influenced by various factors, such as:

  • The amount of information
  • The structure of the text
  • The wording
  • The way in which the reader is addressed
  • The style

Managing all these factors is a specialist skill. A skill which is at your disposal through Meesterwerk TalenTm, which works with a network of writers to develop copy in a variety of languages.

tailor-made solutions

Perhaps you have drafted a text yourself, and just want to make sure the language is correct. If so, we are happy to help. Or perhaps you have a clear idea of what you want to say and the impression you want to make, but you need someone skilled in formulating your message. Again, you can depend on Meesterwerk TalenTm to provide a solution. In short, whatever your copywriting or text revision requirements, we will be happy to tailor our services accordingly. But, whatever approach is taken, a writing project is only concluded when you are happy with the end product.

multilingual communication

With globalisation continuing apace, many organisations nowadays need to communicate in several languages. As an alternative to translation, we therefore offer the option of having copy originated in another language. You explain your communication goals to us, and we produce the copy. First, a draft is developed for comment, then the text is finalised in line with your feedback.

Meesterwerk TalenTm offers copywriting in Dutch, English, German and French. Text revision services are available in the full range of languages.