Meesterwerk TalenTm can provide you with a laid-out digital text in any language, even if you do not possess the relevant fonts yourself. We can prepare texts in a wide variety of word-processor and DTP formats, for PC or Mac platforms.

print-ready documents in any language

Texts that are intended for inclusion in professionally printed documents are normally laid out by designers using special programs such as QuarkXpress. Books, catalogues, information leaflets and visiting cards are typically prepared this way. Problems can arise, however, with languages written using scripts that the designer or printer isn't geared up for. Fortunately, the DTP Department at Meesterwerk TalenTm can help. We can lay out text in any language exactly as you want it, then supply you with digital files in a form that any printer can process without further modification.

related services

If, for example, you want to print a translated text under your organisation's letterhead, we can provide you with the translation in an appropriate format, so that the letters can be run off in the relevant language without further editing. All you have to do is let us know how you want everything to appear, and we'll do the rest.