to the website of Meesterwerk TalenTm, the address for translations, DTP and copywriting.

global view

Meesterwerk TalenTm is at home throughout the world of language. From Amharic to Zulu, from Byelorussian to Vietnamese – whatever your needs, we can help. But it isn't only 'exotic' languages that we deal with. We also offer a full range of services in languages such as French, German, English and Dutch.

customer focus

At Meesterwerk TalenTm, we always look at a job from the customer's viewpoint. No order is treated as routine; we help you think things through and support you with expert advice whenever appropriate. Every text is as important to us as it is to you. To request a quotation on an entirely noncommittal basis, click here.


From the moment that you place your order, Meesterwerk TalenTm starts working to ensure the quality of the finished text. Where a translation is concerned, we begin by selecting a translator who fulfils several key criteria: he or she has to be a native speaker of the 'target' language, and to have an affinity with the subject matter and the ability to produce the style and tone you are seeking. Every DTP project is carried out by a professional document designer who is at home in the relevant language. And all copywriting work is done by experienced professionals. Finally, everything is thoroughly checked and finalised by us before being cleared for delivery.