Whenever you need a text translated, look no further than Meesterwerk TalenTm. Because, for us, translation is more than simply converting a text into equivalent words in another language. Translation is a creative process, by which the translator conveys your message to people who speak another language. It involves writing with the target audience in mind, and reflecting the nuances of the source text. In this process, Meesterwerk TalenTm is the medium between you and the people with whom you want to communicate.

specialist fields: social focus

Meesterwerk TalenTm is geared primarily to supporting businesses and other organisations with a cultural or social focus. Our client portfolio includes:

  • Museums
  • Communication agencies
  • Governmental and quasi-governmental bodies
  • Law firms and notaries' offices

So, if you have texts or catalogues for an exhibition, information leaflets, business correspondence, wills, contracts, policy documents, or anything of a similar ilk, you can be sure that your translations are in experienced hands.

everyday and exotic languages

The Translation Department at Meesterwerk TalenTm specialises in translations into and out of less frequently encountered languages. Oriental, Arabic, Cyrillic, African, Indian and East European languages, for example. However, we are equally comfortable with more everyday languages, such as Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, French, German, English or Dutch. So, whatever language combination you are seeking, we can help. All translations can be certified if necessary.

Click here for an extensive list of the languages we work with.